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Micro Finance – Beverage Business [2020-12]

Project Type: Micro Finance

Date: 2020-12

Location: Morne-a-Cabrit

Map Lat: 18.67222222

Map Long: -72.17722222

Partners: Mark Dyos and Famiy

Funded By: Gen1 Project General Fund & Dyos Family

Details: Micro Finance project designed to resell beverages

Business Details: Meet Nana, a Haitian mother living on the side of a mountain in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince with her family. To provide for her family, Nana resorted to working as a prostitute. One day our team was visiting their home to deliver rice, beans, and donated clothing, as they had been doing for several years when Nana told them she had an idea for a business to sell cold drinks as a street vendor. Her home was located very close to a police checkpoint where vehicles were routinely stopped and she realized she had the perfect customer base sitting close by. The team listened to her plan and decided to finance her $100 to start her business. Nana ran this micro-enterprise successfully for over a year, allowing her to stop working as a prostitute and to be home with her family. During one of our follow-up visits, she reported that sales were good but she wanted to step up the business. Because she had proven herself over the past 12 months with the business, Gen1 purchased a used fridge for $125, commonly used with ice blocks for cold storage, and sowed into her business an additional $75 for inventory. Nana now has a secure place to store her inventory, a profitable business to support her family, and a new lease on life.......and it all started with a strategically placed $100 investment into someone who wanted to change their life.

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