Shoe Donations

Used Shoes Change Lives

Gen1's Shoe Collection Project takes used shoes of all types and turns them into funds that support our projects.  We collect your used shoe donations and export them to developing nations where they are sold in outdoor  street markets.

This process has two outcomes. We are able to provide valuable jobs and incomes to the people selling the shoes at local markets, and Gen1 Project is able to utilize the finances from exporting the shoes to help fund our projects around the globe.

How To Donate

  1. Gather up your used shoes and if possible, bundle the individual pairs together with rubber bands.
  2. Bring your shoes to the closest donation drop off location.  For large amounts of shoes, use heavy duty trash bags to transport the shoes.

How To Help

  1. Gen1 Shoe Collection BoxBecome a donation drop point: Volunteer to have a donation box setup at your organization or business.
  2. Host a shoe collection event: At your next event help promote Gen1 and our shoe collection program.
  3. Host a presentation: Want to know more about Gen1 and our mission? We can come to your organization, business, school or church and discuss our mission, vision and shoe collection project.
  4. Become a collection hub:  Gen1 is actively searching for new shoe collection territories. Help us manage our program and collect shoes in your area.

Donation Locations

Listed by state & alphabetical by city name. Click the address for a map and directions

About Us

Our purpose is to empower the next generation with clean water initiatives, humanitarian aid, micro-finance projects and various other advocacy programs which create and sustain life in developing nations.  

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Help provide clean water by becoming a shoe donation drop off location today!
Contact us for details.