The Problem With Hand Pumps...

Hand pumps are a vital asset to the often remote locations they serve. Without them, villagers are often forced to walk miles to gain access to usable water.

Statistics show up to 80% of the hand pumps that have been installed around the world are not functioning.  This is do to lack of maintenance, the skill and tools to maintain, and normal wear and tear on the pumps.

What We Do...

Gen1 provides community hand pump repair for those broken wells.  Our team not only is certified in hand pump repair but has years of experience in this field.  Most of the pumps just need a small part and can be repaired in a short period of time with the right tools.

We have access to the correct parts and materials to repair hand pumps properly. Getting the proper parts and materials installed during the repair process helps ensure the longevity of the newly working well.

About Us

Our purpose is to empower the next generation with clean water initiatives, humanitarian aid, micro-finance projects and various other advocacy programs which create and sustain life in developing nations.  

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Pump Repair Projects

Starting Cost $800 U.S.D.

Our well repair service addresses broken or malfunctioning wells. From busted pipes or broken hand pumps to busted cylinders, our team has access to parts and the skills to get wells fully operational. Repair costs are determined by the type, depth and equipment in the well.